Q Boat – Pasteur, Bandung

Q Boat – Pasteur, Bandung Baca juga : Warunk Upnormal – Modernland, Tangerang     Tuna from @qboatpasteur — Don’t like beef? Don’t worry @qboatpasteur have tuna for you. It’s tender and not smelly. Good combined with vegetables. — Woo samgyeopsal from @qboatpasteur — Q boat Pasteur is well known because it tastes yummy yet the […]

Yoi Chiz – Bandung

Yoi Chiz – Bandung Baca juga : Black Campaign Coffee – Pasar Lama, Tangerang   Crown Cake Cheese from @yoichizfood — Price: IDR 55.000 — Try our yoghurt cheese cake! You will like it more and more when you taste it. It tastes unique and flavorful. Taste both Cheesecake and Yoghurt in one bite. This is […]

Sei Lelebo – Ciumbuleuit, Bandung

Sei Lelebo – Ciumbuleuit, Bandung Baca juga : Depotmie 168 – Gading, Jakarta — Sop Brenebon from @sei_lelebo — Price: IDR 30.000 — 📍Jl. Raya Punclut No. 34 Bandung — Have you try it? It contains pig feet and red bean. It has strong flavor and the pig feet is soft.   — Platter Se’I from @sei_lelebo — […]

Poropopcorners – Bandung

Poropopcorners – Bandung Baca juga : Martabak Rakyat – Daan Mogot, Jakarta   Spicy Balado and Fingerlicking Pizza popcorn from @poropopcorners — Price: IDR 12.000 — For those of you who likes a kick of spicy, you can try the spicy balado. More than that, everyone love pizza isn’t it? Pizza flavor in popcorn? It definitely tastes […]

Burgerocks – Pasteur, Bandung

Burgerocks – Pasteur, Bandung Baca juga : Bika Ambon Befond – Grogol, Jakarta   Godfather from @burgerocks – IDR 40.000 – Looking at these stacks of delicacy, I know I want this ! combination between burger bun, beef patty, veggies, smoked beef, egg, cheese slice, and their rocky sauce is definitely a comeback for me ! […]

Old Bike Coffee – Pasteur, Bandung

Old Bike Coffee – Pasteur, Bandung Baca juga : Han Ji Authentic Japanese Cheesecake – Galaxy Mall, Surabaya   Potato Bravas from @oldbikecoffee – IDR 25.000 – Looking for a great snack between rush hour? I think Potato Bravas will be a great choice. Deep Fried potato with smoked beef, melted cheese (yum!!), and sunny side […]

Warong Sombar – Ciumbuleuit, Bandung

Warong Sombar – Ciumbuleuit, Bandung Baca juga : Roti Bakar 88 – Pasar Lama, Tangerang   Mi Kuah Cakalang @warungsombar —– IDR 20.000 —– One of new menu in Warong Sombar, Mie Kuah Cakalang. The texture is very soft with warm soup served with cakalang fish and spinach on top of it. Yum!   Nasi Kuning […]

Myumud Cake – Bandung

Myumud Cake – Bandung Baca juga : Martabak Mertua – Dago, Bandung   Myu Mud Cake by @myumudcake —— IDR 55.000 —— Chocolate lovers must order this one! There are different kinds of best quality chocolate to make this mud cake. Extraordinary taste for spoiling your tongue. Taste it first and you want to eat it […]

Martabak Mertua – Dago, Bandung

Martabak Mertua – Dago, Bandung Baca juga : District 29 – Bungur, Bandung   East Murtabak by @martabakmertua — IDR 55.000 Beef  / IDR 45.000 Chicken — Martabak with egg inside. Feel like Indonesian when eating this martabak with Middle east variation. Dip it with the signature sauce to get better taste.   Double Beef & […]

District 29 – Bungur, Bandung

District 29 – Bungur, Bandung Baca juga : Alva Brownies – Pamulang, Tangerang   Melted Cheesy Rice by @district_29 —— IDR 35.000 —— Not a pasta person? Choose this one: cheese with rice, sausage and mushroom. YUMMM!! The cheese is melted and combined well with the hot rice. Eat it while it is hot!   Bolognaise […]

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